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Class 1-2 B

I am Els Bottelier and as my name suggests I am married. We have 2 wonderful daughters who both already live with their partner.

I graduated from kindergarten teacher training and therefore specialized in working with toddlers. This age has always appealed to me; the children are still very spontaneous and open. I have been working with this age group with great pleasure for 38 years.
Together with Peggy I play group 1 / 2C. Peggy on the Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and I on the other days.

In my spare time, I also spend a lot of time inventing and looking for fun activities to do with my class. But I also enjoy shopping with my daughters, working in the garden and reading a book.


I’m Peggy Waterlander.
I work with toddlers in groups 1-2C on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays
I have been teaching at the Schakel for 14 years. Our children are always very enthusiastic and spontaneous. Learning and having fun go hand in hand at the Schakel.
It is important that every child feels comfortable and we are working hard on that.

I am married and have a son.
I love to cook, read, watch movies and make beautiful trips.

Feel free to walk in with me!