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The Participation Council consists of parents and half of teachers. The number depends on the size of the school, with us it’s currently 3-3. Who currently form the Participation Council:
• Laury van Nispen
• Myrthe Reijckers
• Bernadette van Loosbroek

• Tanya van Oosterhout
• Jennie Sulsters
• Etienne Le Comte

The chairman is always someone from the parent section. In addition, a delegate from the Participation Council attends all GMR meetings. A Participation Council member of every SKPO school will attend. Every 4 years this changes per school from parent to teacher and back again. Half of the parents and half of the teachers are present at the GMR meetings.
The director is sometimes present during the Participation Council meetings. He is invited to explain the relevant subjects of his specialty.
The Participation Council meets 7 times a year. The meeting dates and minutes are listed below and can also be found in the ‘Switch’, our newsletter.
The Participation Council discusses all topics that concern the school. She can give her opinion about policy proposals, about the direction the school wants to go and about the actions that go with it. For example, if the results of the students show that arithmetic education has deteriorated, the school may decide to introduce a new calculation method. The Participation Council will be informed of this action and can then monitor whether this new method has improved arithmetic education. In addition, the Participation Council can also come up with its own proposals.

The Participation Council has a number of rights
• Right of consent, for example the adoption of the school plan (a document describing the
school’s policy). Every year this document will be evaluated by the team and the Participation
Council and adjusted if necessary.
• Right of advice, for example the holiday arrangement or a renovation of the school.
• Right of initiative, for example the investigation into a different interpretation of the lunch break.
• Right of Information, for example concerning the teachers who will leave and new teachers.

In summary, we keep an eye on the policy of our school. Are you interested? Our meetings are public. Just indicate in advance that you will attend. The audience doesn’t have the right to speak, but in advance it’s possible to indicate the subjects to be discussed. This way parents remain involved in the education of their child(ren)!
Every year we also have elections, because a parent leaves the Participation Council or stands for re-election. All parents of the school can register to participate in the elections.
If you would like to attend a meeting, you can sign up to a week in advance via email to Laury van Nispen; l.vanbodegraven@skpo.nl
You will then receive an invitation including the agenda for the coming meeting by e-mail.

Notulen MR 8-10

Notulen MR 20-6

Notulen mr 09-05 only in Dutch